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Raw Camphor

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True Camphor is the crystallized exudate of the Camphor tree, a relative of Cinnamon. Camphor trees have long been regarded as sacred - their massive size alone is awe inspiring. In its native Southeast Asia it was known as the 'King of Healing Plants'. Used to help clear headaches, especially those caused by blocked sinuses.

This is a scent we all may remember - those times when Vicks was rubbed on our little chests as kids to help us sleep when we were snotty and bunged? When a small amount of camphor is carried around your neck, is said to prevent colds and flu..but may be because camphor is a cough suppressant and assists with inhalation.

Camphor is old school! Used for protection, not only from the lurghi but negative energies too, This raw camphor, has its use when popping small amounts in incense mixes, oil burners and simmer pots. I feel that this is a fab one to “clear the air” as it were. When stagnant energies linger, it can make your space feel heavy, puts everyone on edge but this camphorous scent seems to clear away those energies - even those that seem to lurk in corners! Being a geek, I found an interesting article on “releasing black magic” in India, where it suggests to seek help from someone who is elder to you and asking him to burn camphor in a vessel and then move the burning camphor over your body at a distance three times from head to toe. This is believed to ward off negative energies and cleanse your aura. After this is done, keep the burning camphor outside the main entrance of your house or compound of your property. This is said to release all the black energy outside your home and away from you while restoring your positive energy.

In Ayurvedic medicine it is used to increase prana, open the senses and to clear the mind. Not only the air is cleared, but also the mind. May assist with calming thoughts related to physical and emotional traumas. Only a little is required for this though. Use a small amount in your bath for a cleansing soak to purify yourself and clear your mind.

Camphor is sometimes used in divinatory incense, assisting with raising psychic awareness and lucid dreaming. You can perhaps add to your dream pillows/ bags under your pillow, because it will hopefully enhance your Astral Travel Journeys. 

Contradictions exist within whether is an aphrodisiac or anaphrodisiac, Buddhist Monks use it to help quell desire, but on the flip side is also used in Tantric circles to stimulate desire - I guess it may just be down to dosing! 

Create your own oil by infusing the camphor into a base oil, add as it is to a bottle for use or heat very gently into a base oil, useful in anointing spell candles.  

In Short

Magick: Chastity, health, divination, clearing, cleansing

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon - some may argue Venus!

Element: Water

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately 25g. Chunks will vary in size. Not for consumption and can be a skin and mucous membrane irritant - so use with caution!!