Organic Buckwheat (Grain)
Organic Buckwheat (Grain)

Organic Buckwheat (Grain)

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According to Cunningham (from his Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs) Buckwheat grain - they are actually the seeds of the plant and more of a pseudo-grain- may be ground to make a flour to sprinkle around your house in a circle in order to keep evil from it. Or use the Buckwheat (either whole or floured) to form a magic circle on the floor around you while you are performing magic. Add a few grains of buckwheat to money incenses and keep some in the kitchen to guard against poverty. Handy to use in charms and spells to obtain treasure, riches, and wealth.

Eat ground buckwheat pancakes to attract fertility, money, and life energies- for even more money power, pour on a bit of maple syrup or honey! Also available on this website is the buckwheat dried herb, which can be brewed to a tea. 

Stuff poppets with the grain, to legs and arms to give it a little weight and to provide a little magickal to your creation. Ideal for money and protection poppets.

In Short

Magick: Protection, Money, Wealth

Gender: Feminine

Element: Earth

Planet: Jupiter

Dieities: Lakshmi, Abundantia, Tyche, Áine, Freja, Njord, Plutus

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately 100g