Buckthorn Bark

Buckthorn Bark

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Tess Whitehurst, in her book The Magic of Trees, calls the Buckthorn “a Taurus with an Aries rising” because it is a tree which is stubborn enough to see anything through (it’s quite an invasive species) . A good ally then when beginning any kind of endeavour, whether a new business, new job, or anything in which you feel you need extra “sticktoitness”.

According to Dioscorides, placing branches of Buckthorn around doors and windows drives away all evil sorceries committed toward you, including any bad vibrations or energies - this where your mojo/spell bags would come in handy! Create a pouch of protective/ banishing herbs (such as nettle, angelica, blackthorn etc) and hang above your door, much smaller than a branch and less likely to have little buggies crawling about 😂! Also has use in creating a protective sacred circle for when you are doing your mystical workings by sprinkling around your space. . You can try making a tea from the bark and add to your mop water to wash away negativity.

According to Scott Cunningham, it is wise to carry a piece of Buckthorn with you to all court and legal matters and as a general good luck generator. Again, make a mojo/ spell bag to carry with you when you need that oomph!

To make a wish, stand in an open area facing east and concentrate on your wish; turn to your left until you are facing east again, continually sprinkling buckthorn bark powder (or an infusion made with buckthorn bark - just steep in hot water first) as you turn.

 A charming legend concerning the buckthorn vows that if one sprinkles buckthorn in a circle and then dances within it under a full Moon, an elf will appear. The dancer must notice the elf and say. ‘Halt and grant my boon!’ before the creature flees. The elf will then grant one wish. I cannot make any guarantees that this will happen, however. 

Also Called: Arrowwood, Black Dogwood, Black Alder Dogwood, Black Alder Tree, Persian Berries

In Short:

Planet:  Saturn [Mars, according to Whitehurst]

Zodiac:  Sagittarius

Gender:  Feminine [Masculine, according to Whitehurst]

Element[s]:  Water [Earth, according to Whitehurst]

Powers:  Protection, Exorcism, Wishes, Success, Legal Matters, Strength, Tenacity

Deity:  Ran of the Vanir

Note: this tree/shrub has been used in purgative folk medicine since the Middle Ages, so not too much if you decide to drink an infusion - else you may suffer an embarrassment!

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately 25g.