Blue Cornflowers (Dried)
Blue Cornflowers (Dried)

Blue Cornflowers (Dried)

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These delightful little fleurs add a pep of colour to your candles, incenses, pot pourri and spell jars. These dried blue Cornflowers also known as hurtsickle, blue bottle, blue cap, and devil’s flower are as pretty dried as they are growing in corn fields.

Keep them on your altar or use them in incense blends to enhance your psychic abilities, as it is associated with matters of sight and is said to help open up the third eye as well as bestowing the gift of seeing the Fae (witchcraft in origin.)

For protection against evil spirits, hang a filled pouch of Cornflowers in your cupboard to ward of negative energies or hang by your front door for protection. Said to alleviate arguments between lovers - sPringle over the area where you and your mate argue the most to alleviate discord and strife. or conversely wear as an amulet to attract a lover. Can be used in fertility and abundance rituals and spells. Keep for peace in the home. A patron herb of herbalists. Use the blue petals to make homemade ink for a Book of Shadows. Use in rituals to give honor to the Mother of all nature.

Also Called: Bachelor Button, Hurtsickle, Bluet, Blue Cap, Bluebottle, Blue Corn Flower

In Short:
Magick:: Love, psychic powers, protection, fertility, abundance and faeries.

Gender: Feminine
Elements: Water and Earth
Ruling Planets: Venus and Saturn

Come in a baggie weighing approximately 20g. Not for consumption.