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Annatto Seeds

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Annatto (Achiote) is used in ceremonial body paint and in xocolatl (sacred chocolate drinks), it protects and enhances passion at the same time. It is used as dye, a seasoning, a food coloring, and an ink - virtually all ancient Mayan scriptures were penned in annatto juice. Indigenous people still use the pulp of the fruit for ‘cosmetic purposes’, as hair dye or lipstick, hence the English common name ‘Lipstick tree’. A mild spice used in Latin American, Carribean & Filipino cuisines, it imparts a deep red colour to food, making it a wonderful natural food colouring. It has been used for centuries to colour cheeses such as Red Leicester. The taste is a combined mix of sweet, tart and peppery flavours and is wonderful if you want your dish to have a bright and exotic appearance.  Add seeds directly to the cooking liquid or infuse 1 tsp in 1/2 cup of hot water until the desired colour is obtained, discard seeds then pour into stocks, rice, bolognese sauces, tandoori dishes, fish & more.  Another method is to fry approx 2 tbsp of seeds in 1 cup oil until the oil becomes a dark orange/red colour then strain the oil mixture into your dish as required. Because of the strong dye properties don’t forget your apron! The seeds can also be ground and added as a paste (used in mole mole in Mexico). 

Metaphysically it stimulates courage, and is a good ingredient in love spells where part of the problem is that your target has issues of shyness or lack of decisiveness or courage. Annatto is used for protective and repulsion (removing energies) purposes, Hoodoo and Voodoo practices use it to repel harm and negativity. Scatter the seeds around the home, add to mojo/charm bags and bottles. A “medicine” pouch can be made to wear in order to provide an auric protection. Grind and add to your incense mixes or simmer pots for rituals and spells too!

The deep red colour may be used to create oils for anointing your candles related to empowerment, health and power too. Add seeds to whichever oil you are using and gently warm to release the colour. Add to a bottle and keep seeds and oil in a dark, warm place for about 4 weeks or so. Every few days gently shake/rotate the bottle to help the seeds release colour. Anoint yourself in the form of a sigil prior to these workings or add to your spell jar, or candle.

In Short

Magick: Aura protection, Negative Energy repulsion, Empowerment, Power, Love, Health

Gender: Masculine

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Deities: Ares, Mars, Athena, Huitzilopochtli, Tohil

Just to note!!! Individuals who are sensitive to artificial coloring may also have sensitivity to annatto, even though it is plant-based. Comes in a sealed bag weighing 25g.