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Alfalfa is an ancient herb with a long history of use in prosperity magick. Alfalfa is used for health, prosperity, and good fortune. Hoodoo practitioners use it as both a money-drawing herb, and protection for existing assets (i.e., Money Stay With Me spells). Generally, the herb is added to spells and charms in its dried form, rather than being infused or burned as an incense. Gamblers may carry a sachet of Alfalfa in their pocket for good luck at the gaming table, with the same charm used to inspire others to be generous to you. Sprinkling Alfalfa around the base of a green candle for a money-drawing spell. Add Alfalfa leaf to money spells of any kind (mojo bags, candles, and spell bottles, for instance). It is appropriate for all positive financial goals—securing a bank loan, winning prize money, or growing a business. A pinch of Alfalfa in your wallet is supposed to help you hang onto your last pound!

As a preventative against hunger and strife, pplace a jar of dried Alfalfa in the kitchen pantry to ensure your household will always have enough to eat.

As a luck-bringing herb, is often assigned to Jupiter due to its habits of being a provider and growing abundantly wherever it is planted. As fave fodder for cattle, Alfalfa is a consummate herb of Taurus. It does have some attributes linked with Venus due to its links with the zodiac sign, which is ruled by this planet and brings a little “joy of life” and contentment to the mix.

Alfalfa supplements and teas are readily available, as the plant has a reputation for lowering cholesterol and purifying the body. 

In Short:

Magick: Prosperity, Asset Protection, Joy of Life, 

Element: Earth

Planets: Jupiter/ Venus

Zodiac: Taurus


Also Called: Lucerne, Buffalo Herb, Purple Medic

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately 14g (1/2 oz)