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Historically Myrtle is a very notable plant, mentioned several times in ancient mythology of both Greece and Rome. Myrtle is closely associated and sacred to Aphrodite — the Greek goddess of love and beauty (her Roman counterpart is Venus). Venus was described as emerging from the sea with a sprig of myrtle in her hand. In the temple gardens dedicated to both goddesses, myrtle was always grown in abundance, and Roman ladies wore myrtle wreaths in honour of Venus.

A useful culinary herb, both the leaves, flowers and berries can be used in cooking, with Sardinia being the only country where myrtle is most commonly used in cooking. Myrtle is used in the same way as bay leaves to give a spicy, bitter, citrus flavour and the leaves are then discarded before serving. The flavour itself is very similar to that of allspice, with it being used to flavour meats during roasting or grilling. In ancient times it was also used as an anti-cold remedy and an antiseptic.

Metaphysically it is a herb of love (unsurprising considering the deities it is associated with)  so can be used in spell work or spell baths related to love. It is also related to fertility, eternal love and fidelity, as such was represented in marriage allegories. Use in love spells and if possible create an amulet of Myrtle (you can pop it in an pink organza bag) to wear while doing so to heighten the power.

You can create an  amulet of protection from those around you who might not want what’s best for you, and from those who are lying to you all the time creating that spiral of lies and illusions.

Used in preservation Magick so use for relationship Magick or preserving your spell work.

Wear as an amulet or charm to increase fertility in women and for use in fertility charms and spells.

Used in general money spells, so team up with other herbs of money such as moss, tonka beans, Earth smoke etc.

According to legend the wood is carried to maintain youth, or according to some writings create a tea of Myrtle and drink every three days..without fail!! Youthful vigour...yay!!

Need justice for someone who has done you wrong? Use in spell work to bring about justice for your situation.

Said to increase concentration, so team with a bit of Rosemary to assist memory recall when studying.

PLEASE CONSULT A DR/GP BEFORE CONSUMING as it may interact with certain medications such as insulin and other diabetic medications…..herbal teas made from the dried leaves are used in mediterranean regions both to lower blood glucose (which may cause a Hypo if you are already on diabetic medications) and also for bladder and urinary infections. 

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

In Short: Protection Against Deception, Love Spells, Fertility, Partnerships, Personal attraction, Yourhfulness, Preservation Magick, Success, Concentration, Justice

Deities: Aphrodite, Venus, Demeter, Artemis, Hathor, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Marian

Comes in a little baggie weighing approximately 14g (1/2oz)