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Mistletoe has been used since Druidic times, this particular “tree” is heavily associated with the Winter Solstice and actually means “All Heal” in Druid. It was especially powerful when cut from an oak tree. It has a such a wide variety of uses, is an all purpose herb steeped within lore and ancient healing methods. In times passed, mistletoe was used to ward off fairies from stealing children and replacing them with changelings!

Used for good luck in hunting…although there may be little of that traditional hunting done nowadays, could prove useful when trying to hunt for a job, hunt new house etc so carry in a pouch or sachet when doing this. It is also carried by women hoping to conceive, so keep close by and perhaps under the marital bed to bring a little magick when the magick happens! Talking of bed…it is used to bring restful sleep when placed under your pillow or by your bedroom door. 

Use in protective amulets, sachets or charms to guard against misfortune and negativity.

In short:

Magick: Fertility, Love, Protection, Sleep, Hunting, Winter Solstice Festivities

Planet: Sun


Gender: Masculine

Deities: Apollo, Freya, Frigga, Venus, Artemis, Odin, Bast, Ra, Bel

Comes in a little baggie weighing approximately 14g (1/2oz). Not for consumption.