Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena

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This herb is not to be confused with its cousin Vervain, although from the same family, they possess slightly different energies and attributes. It’s has various other names including Cedrón and Lippia citriodora, with magickal properties to clear negativity, for break up work and for glamour spells. In Latin America, and to some degree in Spain it is appreciated for its medicinal and therapeutic values - as relaxant and carminative herb. Some sources ascribe it aphrodisiac properties, though this is not so much due to any direct stimulating actions, but rather the result of its ability to relax an overly excited mind and to awaken sensual awareness. Infusions were once made from the blossoms sprinkled on the altar of Jupiter, the supreme god in Roman mythology. The entire plant was considered sacred to Mars, the god of war, and was thought to have the power to drive away the enemy.

Lemon Verbena is known and used in spells to break bad habits, purify the body and the mind, cleanse your space and remove negative energy or malevolent spells . If the situation you are facing is extremely challenging add any of the following to the blend myrrh, rue, sandalwood, gardenia, sage and frankincense. Lemon Verbena is well suited to connecting with the inner child, it assists in opening the mind in order to experience familiar things in a new light. It can be used for creative endeavours and for festivals that celebrate the gifts of Mother Earth. It may be added in love philtres or potions and for rites of sacred union. It can also be used in addition to other charms, to otherwise increase their power. Traditions and folk lore hold that Lemon Verbena can be a powerful aid in magick, being of particular use in both protection and love spells. If plagued by dreams that wake you, it is said that having a sachet under your pillow ceases your dreams, so you can have a good nights sleep.


In short: Magick: Negative Energy Removal, Love, Healing, Inner Child Work, Protection, Cleansing

Element: FIre/ Air

Planet: Mars/ Mercury & Jupiter

Gender: Masculine

Deities: Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Hecate, Morgan Le Fay


Comes in a bag weighing approximately 14g (1/2oz).