Lavender buds
Lavender buds

Lavender buds

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These pungent buds are ideal for craft work, baking, magick work and posses a whole load of uses. Lavender is a masculine energy herb, related to the element of air and associated with Mercury and sign Virgo & Gemini. Deities linked with this herb are Hecate and Saturn.

Used within the household it is said to deter pests, so use in sachets to hang in your wardrobe or pet bed areas. These type of sachets can also be used to place in the tumble dryer to freshen clothes (as long as they are made from cotton and not manmade materials) and can be reused over and over. 

The benefits of the lavender scent has been used for many a year to assist with insomnia by placing a sachet close by the bed to allow sleep and soothe headaches. Why not place a sachet in your relaxing and clearing bath to totally unwind after a hard day?

Magickal attributes are associated with clairvoyance, so when teamed with Mugwort in your night time sachet may assist lucid and prophetic dreaming. These buds may also be burned as incense to consecrate your tools and BOS. Ideal for the third eye chakra during meditation to open your mind, promote love, instil tranquility and spirituality. Use in spell work to sharpen your mind and focus.

In short: Magick: Sleep,Meditation, Clairvoyance. Consecration. Cleansing, Healing, Psychic Ability. Focus.

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Gender: Masculine

Sign: Virgo

Deities: Hecate & Saturn

Come in 20g bags.