pentacle altar table
Pagan Altar Triple Moon
Small Pagan Altar Pentacle
Small Pagan Altar Triple Moon

Altar Tables (Small and large)

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Having a sacred space for you to conduct rituals and spells allows you to get in the frame of mind to set your intentions. These altar tables are great if you do not have the space for a large altar in your home. Featuring hand carved symbols, either of a pentacle or triple moon leaving you to choose depending on the path you take. Place your candles, crystals, herbs etc. to assist with giving energy to your work. Celebrate yourself and your path, these can be kept out for all to see.

Small altar tables are also made from wood, decorated in black and gold and are petite enough for you to put on a chest of drawers, sideboard and the like.

Large altars measure approximately H:21cm W:30cm D:30cm

Small altars measure approximately H:7cm W:15cm D:15cm