Loose Californian White Sage Clusters

Loose Californian White Sage Clusters

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This loose herb comes from the silver-white leaves of the Salvia apiana plant which is native to the coast of California. Considered to be a sacred herb it is often used in purification ceremonies and to provide a positive vibe to your space. Often used for clearing away negative energies and attracting the positive. Well known in shamanic and mystical circles for cleansing and clearing your space of negativity, bad vibes and energies making it brill to use before and after rituals, spell work, divination or if any tension exists within the home. A great staple to keep in your apothecary, unlike smudge sticks or bundles this loose version can be adapted to create your own mixes for incense alongside the other various herbs, roots and resins available on this website, making your magickal or shamanic practices your own. Whether it’s for adding to healing poppets, whisking up a bath brew or for this spell jars, simmer pots and charms, it has a variety of uses. White Sage has a lovely sweet aromatic aroma and is known for its healing properties and is a symbol of purity and will lift your spirits. White sage contain thujone, a psychoactive component found in many plants that helps improve your mood and state of mind.

Smudge or burn this white sage when you require knowledge/ guidance in difficult decisions as it allows a deeper connection to source allowing for spiritual enhancement. Use a small amount to cleanse crystals to rid them of absorbed energies, by passing each crystal through the smoke. Useful in any or all healing and money related spells or can be carried with other prosperity herbs in a sachet or poppet. Also when carried is supposed to bring wisdom . 

In Short:
Magick: Cleansing, Home blessings, Redemption, Prosperity, Wisdom, Luck, Wisdom

Element: Air

Planet: Jupiter/ Moon

Gender: Masculine

Sign: Scorpio

Deities: Crone Goddesses, Zeus, Jupiter

This is rough, loose Californian white sage clusters are of varied size and weight. Some bits will be fine, some bits will be a little chunkier, there may be some stalky bits but it’ll be all weighed out into bags weighing approximately 25g.