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Herbal Blends
Herbal Blends
Herbal Blends
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Herbal Blends

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These blends contain herbs that are naturally nicotine free,100% legal and created by a well trusted herbalist based in Herefordshire. Each blend weighs approximately half an ounce (small zipper bag), containing a mixture of well known herbs. The joy of these mixes is that they can be smoked, used as incense herbs or made as a tea. Ideal multipurpose properties for Magick, relaxation and of course to reduce nicotine intake if you’re tying to give up! I have listed each with contents below. These can be smoked with a pipe, bong, vaporiser or rolled. Tea can be infused by placing one heaped teaspoon in a tea strainer with boiling water and left to steep. Use as incense in magickal workings by adding to candles or charcoal discs or spell/ mojo bags when properties are required. Each mix comes in a sealed bag or pot 14g(half ounce). Please read the disclaimer below. 


Dimension: Damiana and Marshmallow - a blended mix of Damiana and marshmallow leaves. 

Menthol Heaven: Damiana base - blended mix of Damiana, raspberry leaf, sage, fenugreek leaf and peppermint. Not suitable for use in pregnancy or those with epilepsy.

TwilightMarshmallow, Raspberry leaf & Yarrow dried herbs.

WisdomSage, Skullcap.

Moonlight: Mullein leaves, Raspberry leaves, Mugwort, Cleavers, Chamomile. Not for tea infusion.

Amazonia Menthol: Raspberry leaf, Marshmallow leaves, Passion flower, Hops, Red Clover, Sage, Peppermint.

To note, these blends can by moistened slightly with a very light spray with a mister bottle if they appear too dry. Although every effort has been made to remove larger pieces of herb there may be some in your mix, however these can be reduced by using a tobacco grinder. Always keep in a sealed container in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. Soapstone pipes also available in this list.

Basic Information on Herbs Used in These Mixes

  • Mullein is a great expectorant, soothing coughs and congestion and loosening phlegm. It also has mildly sedative and calming qualities. As a tea it promotes digestion and reduces stomach discomfort. Mullein is ruled by Mercury or Saturn depending on what you read and is associated with the element of fire. A feminine herb and associated with the God Jupiter. A mild and light base for smoking blends. In Indian lore, mullein is considered a safe guard against evil spirits, powdered mullein can be used in spells that call for graveyard dirt.

Due to the small hairs found in mullein it is advisable to strain any teas and to smoke using a filter. 

    • Raspberry leaves are said to bring luck in marriage and to prevent straying hearts. Often used in fertility charms and when drunk with red clover as a tea is said to increase fertility. Also deemed to be a sedative and muscle relaxant. Ruled by the planets Moon and Venus, birth signs Cancer and Pisces. Element of water and associated with deities Eileithyia and Hera, use in magickal workings when dealing with these. They are connected with Earth Mother and assist in reminding you to love and honour your family and community.

    Although some sites recommend drinking raspberry leaf tea in the last three months of pregnancy it is advised do not ingest any part of raspberry plant if pregnant as it may induce premature labour or miscarriage (It is also not advised during breastfeeding). Oestrogen sensitive persons should also avoid. If you are on diuretics or laxatives, or sedative antidepressants raspberry leaves should not be used.

    • Mugwort is one of the popular herbs in a witch’s pantry, said to increase psychic ability and so aids divination, scrying and clairvoyance. Mugwort contains a chemical called thujone, which is a mild intoxicant/psychotropic which may be why it has a nerve calming and relaxing effect which helps with psychic workings, especially when made as a tea. Combine a teaspoon of these herbs in a tea strainer with hot water and allow to steep, add honey and lemon if so desired. In modern witchcraft it is used as a visionary herb aiding psychic vision and inducing prophetic dreaming, so smoking with this in a bend may lend itself to your crafting. A herb of the Goddess in Crone form is associated with wisdom, observation and truth. Mugwort is a member of the genus Artemisia, a group of plants named for the Greek Goddess of the moon, whilst some say it is associated too with Venus, use in magickal workings when working with these deities or moon phase. Use as an incense for divinatory or purifying work. Different people report vastly different experiences with using Mugwort, thanks to internet drug culture this herb has become known as a “legal high”. Years ago it was nicknamed “sailors tobacco” as it was used as a substitute in place of the more expensive tobacco.

    Do not use when driving or operating heavy machinery, not for use in pregnancy or lactation. Artemisia contain toxins that affect the liver, which may accumulate over time, so if used regularly breaks of a week in between is advised. A single overdose of thujone can cause permanent damage to the liver and kidneys.

    • Cleavers is associated with feminine energies, planets Venus, Saturn and the Moon and element of fire. A natural diuretic it cleanses away toxins, so useful for preventing kidney stones, cystitis and for clearing the lymphatic system. Improves liver function, digestion and absorption of nutrients when used as a tea. Be mindful of ingestion though as it can have diuretic and laxative effects. Useful for insomnia and restlessness at night. Magickal uses most commonly include binding spells and matters of commitment, so good for workings related to love.

    Be mindful if you already take diuretics as it may cause dehydration! 

      • Chamomile is a world renowned herb to induce calmness and relaxation, especially useful before bed to aid sleep and tranquility. When burnt as an incense it’s uses include purification, protection, sleep and meditation. Chamomile contains substances that act on the same parts of the brain and nervous system as anti-anxiety drugs. When brewed as a tea is said to induce sleep. Used as a smoking blend (Moonlight), can be used to calm and centre before spiritual or psychic workings and to prevent unwanted energy attachment. Used as an anointing herb, add to green candles for money Magick (said to provide luck) or black candles for banishing negative energies. Associated with the sign Leo and the Sun, it’s properties towards the element of water. As it belongs to the Sun, is often used to honour Sun Gods including Ra, Cernunnos and Lugh. It is used in spells for money, peace, love, tranquility and purification.
      • Sage is probably well known for purifying, so may well be used as a smoke before magical workings. Belonging to the Salvia genus (some are which to hold psychogenic properties) are said in some traditions to to lift ones spirits and relax, so use in depression and anxiety has been known. Certain compounds in sage are said to assist with sleep and used as a means to combat insomnia. Sage is a masculine herb associated with the element of air and planet Jupiter. Sacred to the deities Zeus, Jupiter and apparently the Virgin Mary. When used in Magick it is said to bring longevity, wisdom, protection and granting of wishes. 

      Like Mugwort, sage contains thujone, which has been known to cause some psychogenic effects and should not be taken regularly without breaks due to risk of affecting the liver. Not for use if you suffer with seizures as this herb can exacerbate fits. It has also been linked to lowering blood sugars, so for those with diabetes need to be mindful when ingesting this herb.

      • Skull Cap provides a mild calming effect when smoked, which may be useful for before bed. More powerful than Damiana (see below) in regards to its sedatory properties. A powerful medicinal herb, it has been used over the centuries to combat hypertension (high blood pressure), relieving anxiety, neuralgia and headaches. Used by some in holistic therapies to reduce issues in nervous disorders, withdrawal and addictions to nicotine, alcohol, cocaine etc. A feminine herb, associated with the goddess Hera and planets Saturn and Mercury. May aid sleep when used in sleep pillows for relaxation and peaceful night, especially useful for reducing nightmares. Use in binding spells or oaths.

      USE WITH CAUTION, overdose induces confusion, stupor, giddiness and twitching. Do not use if you suffer from liver problems. Not to be taken in pregnancy as it can cause miscarriage. Only to be taken in small doses (when smoked or ingested as tea) and regular breaks advised. If you are hypotensive (low BP) on any anti-hypertensives then it is advised not to use due to this herb's properties in reducing blood pressure.

      • Yarrow was used as a pain reliever by North American tribes such as the Miwok. When ingested (as such by making a tea) can reduce menstrual problems, it is also known to assist with reducing blood pressure. Said to relieve muscle tension, fatigue, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety and stress. When ingested is said to stimulate appetite. Yarrow is associated with a few deities, such as Aphrodite, Hermes, Achilles and the Horned God so may be useful as an incense or smoke before dealing with these in a ritual or spell. Ruling planet is Venus and associated with the element of water. Often used in divination or spells in order to contact or seek out specific persons or in love spells.

      May cause allergies to those sensitive to pollens. Can be toxic when used over an extended period of time. Should not be used or ingested in pregnancy.

      • Fenugreek is often used in money drawing and fertility Magick. Use for psychic protection and grounding during or after rituals, meditation and trance work, bringing you back to the here and now. Great for use when having to focus on your intention and centring. Burned as an incense can remove previous intentions from magickal tools and crystals when passed through the smoke. Associated with masculine energies, the planets Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. Deity Apollo and element of air.
      • Marshmallow is a psychoactive herb, producing several effects on the body. Often used in processing of cough linctus is said to relieve mucous from coughs and colds and for bronchitis and pertussis. Anti-inflammatory properties and easing gastrointestinal difficulties.

        Known for its feminine energy, it is associated with the element of water. Ruled by the Moon and Venus, with signs Libra and Cancer. Associated with deities Althea, Aphrodite, making it good for love or relationship Magick. Can be smoked, drunk as tea or burned to protect from demons, negative spirits or spells cast against you.

      Should be taken with caution during lactation or when taking oral hypoglycaemic (blood glucose reducing) medication.

      • Peppermint is a known digestive tonic, great for dyspepsia, bloating, indigestion when consumed. Adds a fragrant whiff when smoked. According to Culpepper, mint is associated with the planet Venus, others depict it belonging to Virgo and Aquarius signs and the element of air. According to myth, a nymph known as Minthe (who was adored by Hades) was transformed into this plant by the jealous Persephone.
      • Passion flower has been discovered in clinical trials to reduce anxiety and depression, due to containing beta-carbolises and harmarla (which form the same class of chemicals as monamine oxidase inhibitors MAOIs). Said to assist people to fall asleep and induce relaxation, also apparently assists with reducing pain. As a nervine is said to soothe and an overactive nervous system. Passionflower is known as an herb of peace and contentment. According to folklore, when passionflower is worn as an amulet or in a spell bag or placed in the home, it calms chaotic energy and promotes serenity. It is also believed to attract friendship. Passionflower may be smoked prior to, or burned as an incense for meditation to calm an overactive mind and may assist dreamwork. May be associated with Venus, the Moon (due to its mildly sedating effect) or Neptune (because of slight hallucinogenic properties). As the name may suggest this flower may be used in love Magick.
      • Hops is known to be relaxing and said to assist sleep, so could be smoked, drunk or used as sleep pillows. Hops is a masculine energy, associated with the planet Mars and the element of air.
      • Red clover is ruled by the planet Mercury, deity Rowen and the element air. Normally used in magickal workings related with fidelity, love, money and protection, so could add the energies required when smoked, made as a tea or as incense. The clover’s three leafed foliage is associated with the triple goddess, so may be good when used in ritual working in honouring yours. Acts as a natural oestrogen.

      It has been noted that when used in large quantities it can cause rash, headache or nausea so use sparingly. If you have history of breast cancer, endometriosis, ovarian/cervical cancer or fibroids then do not use red clover. It has blood thinning properties, so for those already on anti platelet or blood thinning medications consumption is not advised.


        • Damaina has been reported to be smoked by Native Americans as an aphrodisiac with increasing libido - perhaps use as incense or smoke prior to magickal workings of a romantic nature? With a similar flavour to a well known illegal herb, it is mildly relaxing, antidepressant and narcotic (except it is milder than its counterpart). Damiana is sometimes used as an apoptogenic tonic, associated with bringing on an improved mood, relieving stress and anxiety and general relaxation which may prove useful for PMT, menopause and menstrual issues. It’s corresponding planets are Venus and Jupiter and associated with the element of fire. Useful for workings when altered states of consciousness are required, such as divination, trance work and meditation, smoke or make a tea before such rituals. Also burn as an incense during magickal crafting.


          Use as a tea infusion under caution. Do not drive or operate heavy machine ray under the influence of this herb. Possible side effects include indigestion, nausea, vomiting and tinnitus. Lower your dose or stop taking if you experience these. If you experience hallucinations while using damiana, you should seek medical attention. High doses of Damiana may be toxic. People with diabetes, any urinary tract issue, or liver disease should avoid damiana.


        IMPORTANT NOTE - Disclaimer: OK guys this may sound boring, but it is important, I want you to stay healthy and safe if you are buying these herbal blends; so please read! I know some of the herb interactions seem scary, but I have put them there so you are aware.

        These herbs are taken at your own risk. As with every herbal remedy there may be some contraindications with medical conditions or medications - such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, epilepsy, diabetes, lung, kidney, heart and liver conditions etc. Please read up before purchasing as no responsibility can be taken as the proprietor of Spirit Esoterica for any issues arising from intake or ingestion of these herbs. Please note the nature of theses herbs may affect people differently, with different effects. 

        I have listed each mix and contents for you to research against medical conditions, this is for information only, I offer no guidance in regards to ingestion or smoking these blends, it is not meant for diagnosis or treatment. As with any medical condition it is advised you speak to your doctor regarding any concerns you have regarding your health for diagnosis and treatment. If you decide to take these herbs as a holistic or alternative approach then discuss with your doctor first.

        Not for consumption by children or pets. Some herbs are safe in small quantities but they can be poisonous in large doses or if used incorrectly. If you are not experienced in herbs the rule to stick by is “when in doubt….don’t risk it”. Only use as a tea when you have done your research due to some negative interactions with medications or sensitivities. DO NOT DRIVE or OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY when consuming or smoking these blends. No claim is made to treat issues or for whether these herbs work, they are sold as metaphysical curios only.