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Yet another one of the Witch’s faves, Yarrow is ideal for sachets and bath teas. Said to encourage love for at least 7 years if hung above the newlyweds bed on their wedding day. May be used to exorcise evil or negativity from person, place or thing and can be worn as an amulet (perhaps being placed in a bag or pocket) to protect the wearer or bring courage when held in the hand. Use in attraction spells for bringing love, those you may wish to contact (whether it be distant relatives) or attracting friends drawing those you want near. Improving psychic power may be assisted when drunk as a tea infusion.

Yarrow is a feminine herb ruled by the planet Venus. It’s attributes are akin to water and associated with deities such as Cernunnos, Herne, Pan, Artemis, Diana. Since the herb is used for divination, it could probably also be associated with some of the witch Goddesses Hecate and Cerridwen.

Keywords: Courage,Love, Psychic Ability, Exorcism.

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately 14g (half an ounce).

Yarrow contains thujone (toxic in high doses) so limit to one tea a day or use just before Magick. Do not ingest if you have liver or kidney issues.