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  • Wormwood: Once used as an ingredient in Absinthe, this herb has hallucinogenic properties hence why Absinthe gained its reputation back in the day, but is both potent and poisonous in large quantities. In Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magick Herbs, it is recommended not to have more than 1/2 gram (half a gram!) In tea when consumed and it is not to be drunk more than twice a day. Definitely not recommended when pregnant (known to cause miscarriage) or if suffering from other medical issues. It can similarly be burnt or carried to also gain this property. As an incense it may also call upon spirits to be near, allowing for communication with them. If you want to heighten your powers before divination, scrying, vision work then perhaps use within a bath sachet prior to your workings ( you may also want to add other visionary herbs such as mugwort, cinquefoil, Dittany of Crete etc). In times of olde, wormwood was carried as protection against “bewitchment” so may come in handy to protect yourself from other’s magick such as spells, curses, hexes and the like.


In short: Magick: Psychic Power, Spirit Calling, Protection, Visions 

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Gender: Masculine

Deities: Iris, Artemis, Innana, Vidar, Anhur, Mani.

Comes in a baggie weighing approximately 1/2oz (14g)