Nepeta (Catnip)

Nepeta (Catnip)

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  • Catnip/ Nepeta: Unsurprisingly this plant is used in Cat Magick, and is said that if an owner plays with the kitten/cat with the leaves produces a psychic connection between the two - also cats love this stuff! It has a feminine nature and ruled by the planet Venus, with watery elements. Use to honour cat-like deities such as Bast. Used quite often in love sachets alongside rose petals. If you hang the fresh/dried stems by your door it is said to attract luck, good spirits and energies to your door, you can also create a sachet to carry with you for this purpose too. If you are feeling a little unloved, a little bit “bleurgh” with yourself then this herb can be used to enhance happiness and beauty.


In short: Magick: Cat Magick, Love, Good Luck, Good Energy, Beauty, Happiness

Element: Water

Planet: Venus

Gender: Feminine

Day: Friday & Monday

Deities: Bast, Freya ( had a chariot pulled by cats), Ai-Apaec, Li Shou, Ovinnik, Hecate, Cerridwen.

Comes in a bag weighing approximately 14g (1/2oz).