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Hyssop is a great herb for dispelling negativity and should be one of your staple go-tos if feeling overwhelmed by others emotions or energy (especially useful for empaths). It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, a masculine herb associated with the element of fire. Deities associated with this herb include Apollo and Asclepius. 

For those who feel out of sorts this herb can assist with bringing clarity, cleanses and protects so perhaps add it to your bath with some other protective oils and herbs to deep clean your soul and aura. It may also be used in this manner for uncrossing spells. Use as an amulet or charm to carry with you to dispel negativity. Add to a floor wash to purify your home (make a tea by wrapping it in muslin so you don’t get any bits in it then add it to your mop water). 

In short: Magick: Cleansing, Purifying, Calming, Protection, Mental Acuity, Blessings, Removes Negativity.

Element: Fire

Planet: Jupiter/ Moon

Gender: Masculine

Sign: Cancer

Deities: Apollo, Asclepius, Mani

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately half and ounce (14g).