Dittany of Crete (Organic)
Dittany of Crete (Organic)

Dittany of Crete (Organic)

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This is true organic Dittany of Crete ( Origanum Dictamnus), not the stuff some folk sell as Dittany which is a different herb and more like thyme with smaller tighter leaves. A native herb of Crete, it is a wild growing member of the closely related to marjoram and oregano. Quite hard to come by, as it only grows wild on the Dicte Mountain Range in Crete hence the slighter cost than the fakes you find. Revered as a truly magickal herb it is used in manifesting spirits, ghosts or entities and for astral projection. When burnt it is said that spirits can be seen rising from the smoke. Mix with benzoin, sandalwood and vanilla prior to any workings to aid astral projection ( you should only require a small amount) or with frankincense/sandalwood for protection. Used in olden times for it’s healing properties (known to be antimicrobial), may be used in healing ointments or salves. Used also in love spells to attract favour from an intended suitor. It can be used as a protective circle when conducting Magick. 

 In short: Magick: Love, Astral Projection, Spirit Communication, Manifestation

Planet: Sun/ Venus

Gender: Female

Element: Water

Deities: Freya, Hecate, Cerridwen, Venus, Aphrodite, Isis


Comes in a little baggie weighing approximately 14g (1/2oz). Imported from Greece. Not for daily use or by those who are pregnant/ breast feeding.