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Gardeners, green witches and wildcrafters all know the value of chamomile, used for calming and settling is great for over anxious personalities. In Egyptian times was associated with the Sun Gods and the trend continues with deities such as Cernunnos, Helios, Ra, Lugh and the like. It holds a masculine energy linked with the element of water. It is under the sign of Leo.

 A herb of purification and protection it may be steeped in hot water and drunk prior to meditation or sleep. Many plant it around the home to ward off negative energies such as psychic or magickal attacks (in this form can be used as an incense base or in sachets). If you like to place the odd bet, then wash your hands in chamomile tea to bring luck. It may be used as a protective barrier prior to banishing rituals either steeped as a tea or sprinkle to form a metaphysical barrier. For these dried herbs they can be pulverised into a more powdery consistency to make incense using a pestle and mortar, when blended with lavender make a restful and centring blend. The powder can also be used to anoint candles - green for money Magick and black for banishing.

It has anti-inflammatory properties so may prove useful in skin irritations such as eczema, rashes etc when used in a poultice, added to baths or made into tea.

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately half an ounce (14g).