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Cedar Wood

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Cedar Wood is a nicely fragrant wood which can be crushed into a smaller, more powdery form and used as an incense to consecrate your magickal tools. It is also good for clearing and purifying your sacred spaces too.

In this sense it can be used in banishment magick, protection charms, spells, rituals and incenses. Used in ancient times as an offertory incense.

When hung above a door it is said to repel negative energy and unwanted spirits. Talking of spirits, it can however be used to assist in the summoning of wanted spirits - those you wish to contact such as an ancestor of spirit guide and can be used in these invocations and evocations. Cedar is planted alongside Yew trees around grave sites in olde lore, to prevent the spirits of the dead from leaving the hallowed ground. So sprinkle this fragrant wood around your circle to stop any unwanted spirits or energies from causing bother to you as you work.

It is a tree that lives for a very long time, so is associated with longevity - so useful for those spells requiring a longer time period and adds power to those intentions.

Used in love spells is most useful when a love sachet is created and carried, with the wood burnt when creating the sachet or charm.

Burn in money magick to enhance the effect, combine with other herbs of money such as patchouli or jasmine, or add to money spell jars. As with the essential oil, Cedar can be used to heighten your psychic abilities and to tap into the ancient ways.


In Short: Protection, Consecration, Success, Increased potency of spells, Love Charms, Repelling negativity, Banishing, Summoning Spirits, Longevity, Psychic Ability, Money, Summer Solstice Festivities

Element: Fire and Earth

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun / Jupiter

Zodiac:  Leo

Deities: Artemis, Sezh, Astarte, Jupiter, Persephone.

Comes in a little baggy weighing approximately 25g Not for consumption.