dried agrimony


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This plant has protective properties when used in magick, often being used in protection sachets which can be hung around your altar or home (especially effective when used with other protective herbs such as Angelica, Valerian, Mullein and nettle for example). It is also utilised as a banishing ingredient in spells to rid negative energies or spirits that may be causing issues. Acts as a “return to sender” as it reverses spells, hexes or curses and sends them back to whomever has done the deed. Is said to make people sleep like the dead when placed under the pillow at night - in order for the person to wake, the herb must be removed or they will remain in slumber. In olde times, it was used to detect the presence of witches……


In short: Magick: Protection, Banishing, Reversing, Sleep

Element: Air

Planet: Jupiter

Gender: Masculine

Day: Thursday

Comes in a little bag weighing approximately 1/2oz (14g)