Spirit Esoterica's Master Ritual Blends - PAGAN BLESSING
Spirit Esoterica's Master Ritual Blends - PAGAN BLESSING
Spirit Esoterica's Master Ritual Blends - PAGAN BLESSING
Spirit Esoterica's Master Ritual Blends - PAGAN BLESSING
Spirit Esoterica's Master Ritual Blends - PAGAN BLESSING

Spirit Esoterica's Master Ritual Blends - PAGAN BLESSING

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These ritual blends are developed from my own Grimoire, as I try and become less dependent on suppliers...mainly due to rising costs and sporadic influx of goods their side, plus the rise in people jumping on the bandwagon who buy the same things…from the same stockists! I figured I'd get back to my witchy roots and share more of my own creations. Made by me and blessed upon my altar, charged with Reiki for the intentional use during Sabbats and Esbats, invocations to deities or to honour the God and Goddess themselves. As a certified aromatherapist and cottage witchy, I have used my knowledge to create items that serve both metaphysical and holistic needs. Whether you are a Wiccan/ Pagan/ Witch (or all!), or whether you are more spiritual in nature rather than witchy, this oil has been created with both aspects in mind.

There are lots of generic oils with magickal attributes that tend to be used for specific rituals; such as Jasmine for moon workings, however with my research into both fields - the metaphysical and alternative therapies, I've noted some "hidden gems" with the energies to match both fields. Not purely focusing on elements, or magick, but ones that align body, mind and soul whilst also possessing magickal attributes to increase your energies. Thus allowing you to manifest in a greater way. The oils used in this blend are ethically sourced and of the highest quality and purity.

Pagan Blessing

Many Pagan paths accept the duality of the male and female aspects, the Yin/Yang, the light and the dark, God and Goddess. Without the intertwined nature of all things possessing these attributes, there is no balance. The everlasting cycle of birth, death, rebirth, are dependent on the interconnections between the two. An ageless form which we each carry within. Without fear, there cannot be hope, day follows night and thus the circle turns. 

Use when you are focussing on your journal, Grimoire or Book of Shadows to put you in the right frame of mind. Use with your spell work; such as anointing spell/ritual candles and in spell jars/sachets, during your meditations, or for your bath to connect to both inner and universal aspects.

Contains essential oils: Chamomile (5% dilute) Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil and Frankincense (5% dilute) Essential Oil in a Grapeseed Carrier Oil.

So why these oils?

Chamomile is one that honours the male/ God aspects, ruled by fiery power of the Sun (masculine and the “planet” associated with God) but is encapsulated within the element of water (feminine). The flowers themselves represent the sun and have been used throughout history to honour Sun Gods such as Ra, Helios and Cernunnos. A calming oil to promote courageous drive, rather than fury; and therin lies the duality itself. Just because the God aspect is the Sun, it does not necessarily require the heavy wooded or spicy oils to promote this - think drive, speed, aggression, which are quite often used for this purpose. However, the male aspect can be gentle too, offering encouragement, whilst still possessing strength. A herb used for purification and protection, it stands guard like a warrior, protecting from ill will and negative energy. For those seeking a little luck (luck of the Gods), especially relating to money then this oil is a must. A calming and centring oil to bring about relaxation and deeper meditation. When used in candle Magick, you can call upon chamomile to anoint a green candle for money magic or a black one for banishing. When your inner male aspect is heightened, it can help soothe anger and irritability on those days when you are feeling agitated or find yourself in the middle of a contentious situation.

Lemon, depending on who or what you read is either ruled by the Moon or Mercury, however does possess the attributes of the Goddess and female aspect of duality. Goddess aspects tend to be focussed on healing, divination, spirit calling and love, which this oil has in spades. But, just as the male aspect can possess the feminine, so to can the feminine possess the male. If we think of a mother protecting her children, a bear with her cubs…the love provides the strength to defend at all costs. An oil that can be used in “return to sender”, putting sours within someone’s mouth if ill spoken words are set against you. An oil of purification and energising energy, it allows clarity toward clear and conscious thought, allowing deeper connections to source. Additionally, it has rejuvenating qualities, enhancing overall health and increase energy levels. 

Frankincense, perhaps the most ancient of all resins, beautifully instilled into essential oil form, is used to invoke comfort, improve concentration, aid in visualisations, and provide protection. Additionally, its high purification properties make it beneficial for cleansing rituals, raising positive vibrations and ridding the bad.  A warming scent that can be used to uplift the soul and reduce anxiety, so especially good during meditation to relax. It is said to raise overall vibrations of other herbs/oils when used in this way.

This spiritual mix of oils support attributes of duality, the male and female within ourselves and that of the Universe. Use for anointing your ritual candles or tools, at your altar to call upon the energies or for honouring both God & Hoddess aspects. Joy and calm is the aim of the game with this blend, see within yourself and embrace balance.

Comes in a 10ml frosted amber glass vial, sealed screw top lid with dropper for ease of administration.

Ingredients: Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed) Seed Oil, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile Roman 5% Dilute Flower Oil in Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed)  Oil, Botswellia carterii (Frankincense 5% dilute in Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed) Seed Oil.  *Citral, * Citonellol, *Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool *All naturally found in essential oils.

Safety and Tips

Please note, the descriptions provided above are for informative use only. 

These master ritual blends are at a ratio of 20%, making them ideal for a variety of uses. and good value for money.

If use on the body is wanted, the oil will require further dilution with a carrier oil. You can use baby oil, sunflower oil or olive oil, which we all have lurking around in our cupboards - or why not purchase one of the variety of Carrier Oils also available on this website and can be found in the Aromatherapy Collection. 

A maximum of 2% dilution is recommended for use on the skin for massage or wearing during rituals to avoid sensitisation to ingredients. To obtain this dilution you can add the whole 10ml to 90ml of carrier oil, meaning you get 100ml of product. To make smaller mixes, add 4 drops to every 10ml of carrier oil.

Always patch test first prior to using on bigger areas. Place a dab of the diluted oil either behind your ear, inner elbow or forearm and wait 24-48hr before using on larger areas. Wash area and discontinue use if you have any kind of reaction to the oil.

In its original state, the oil can be used as is to anoint your candles, spell jars, spell sachets, poppets, re-scenting pot-pourri - just be mindful that it is made from oil so can mark soft furnishings, cloth and wood. A few drops should be enough when using in this manner.

Can be used with oil burners - just add a few drops (4 - 6) or so to water in the burner bowl with some water to release the scents. Use in aroma diffusers, much in the same way as an oil burner - please make sure you read the instructions of your diffuser as designs and makes vary, with regard to how water you use. A few drops again should be enough to bring the desired effect.

Add to your bath water, using a few drops (between 4-8) to scent your mind and soul and to set the mood for manifesting.

I have tried to use oils that have limited interactions with health conditions, however please do a proper check prior to using, as some may still interact with health conditions, pregnancy/ breast feeding and medications. 

No Guarantees are given with regards to metaphysical usage, what we put out - we shall receive. Magick can take time, but release your fears and chase those dreams - the Universe will have your back.