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 Magnetic Copper Chakra Bracelet: Magnetised copper bracelet with seven chakra stimulating gemstones featuring; garnet, carnelian, citrine, peridot, lolite, lapis and amethyst. Magnetic flux density measured near the surface of the magnet is approximately 1098 Gauss
Copper is linked with Venus, the goddess of love: feminine, magnetic, receptive, and gentle. Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies, and can be used to cleanse and balance your energy flow. It is a known conductor that magnifies the transfer of energies, with natural healing powers you can use copper to transmit the properties of the stones around you. Copper also activates and opens the chakras. Featuring a decorative pattern to the outside and in a bangle form to suit most wrist sizes. Copper will discolour over time, this is a natural process caused by oxidisation.

Multipack 7 Chakra Pendants: One for each of your chakra! Swap and change your pendant depending on what energies you need to activate, recharge or protect. Each one made from genuine gemstone crystals and include one of each: Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, Sodalite, Green aventurine, Yellow aventurine, Peach aventurine, and Red Jasper. Each one measures 3.5cm long.

Chakra Pendant: One for supporting all your chakra, a layered gemstone pendant created from Amethyst, Sodalite, Angelite, Green aventurine, Yellow aventurine, Peach aventurine, Red Jasper. Measures approximately 3.5cm

Chakra BraceletThis bracelet is made in the colours of the 7 Chakras with: amethyst, sodalite, angelite, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, carnelian and almandine beads. There are three beads of each on an elasticated thread making it ideal for all wrist sizes, separated by metal rings with glass crystals. Comes with chakra information card.


Everything within our cosmos radiates energy, whether it be a star way out in the universe to the smallest ant scurrying to it’s nest. The way energy is emitted depends on function at the most basic of levels. In the human body, this energy is dependent on location and role. Chakras are vortices of energy (Chakra means Wheel in Sanskrit), humans have 7 major and 21 minor chakra points, created by magnetic earth energy and electrical energy from above. They are said to hold the key to physical health, mental stability and mental clarity.

Chakra energy vortices spin in a clockwise direction, moving energy out into the auric and other metaphysical fields around us. It also spins counterclockwise, pulling energy from our environment and other people. This action creates a flow, but it is dependent on the frequencies at which our chakra energy operate to produce a stable inward and outward movement. They are separated into upper and lower chakra, with feminine energies being the lower (below the diaphragm) and masculine energies being electrical upper energies, (above the diaphragm). When a chakra point becomes blocked, the others will attempt to compensate, however when this occurs it can lead to dis-ease, making us feel out of sorts and affects our physical body as well as our mental and emotional bodies.

This collection of items have been popped together in order to find what you need to support your chakra healing and activation. See below for some general information with regards to each major Chakra point. All these items can be found across the website if you require more in-depth detail regarding sizes, description and content.


1st Chakra: ROOT/ Muladhara

Draws energy from the Earth's magnetic field and is linked to survival and support. Grounding links to bring us "back to Earth".

Location: Perineum

Body Parts: Kidneys, Blood, Skeletal System

Glandular system: Adrenal Cortex

Physical problems: Conditions affecting feet, knees, hips, arthritis, kidney stones, osteoporosis, autoimmune deficiency, bone issues

Emotional Energy: Aggression, Anger, Violence, Jealousy

Mental Energy: Attitudes of separation, Exclusivity, Territory, Belonging, Right to own space

Life issues: Places more value to material possessions, find trust in places of despair, lacking perseverance

Colour: Red

Element: Earth

Crystals: Bloodstone, Hematite, Ruby, Red Jasper, Fire Agate

Positive Archetype: Mother - nurturing, self-sufficient, responsible

Negative Archetype: Victim - lacks energy, life force and empowerment

Overactive: Fearful, nervous, insecure, or ungrounded; materialistic or greedy; resistant to change

Underactive: Lacking a sense of being at home or secure anywhere, codependent, unable to get into one’s body, fearful of abandonment

2nd Chakra: SACRAL/ Svadhishthana

Promotes ability to enjoy life in physical ways, governs our wellbeing, provides a sense of deserving a good life, capacity to develop a sense of abundance (not just money), sexuality. Links our physical health and emotional wellbeing. Performs a re-generative function dependant on how we care for ourselves. Exercise to release tensions. Live with joy!

Location: Pelvic region (above sacrum, upon pubis bone)

Body Parts: Sex Organs, Bladder, Uterus, Prostate

Glandular system: Ovaries and Testes

Physical problems: Endometriosis, Sterility, Menstrual Issues, Fibroids, Ovarian Issues, Cervical Problems, Prostate, Sciatica, Sexual Dysfunction, Infertility

Emotional Energy: Self worth, Fun, Boundaries 

Mental Energy: Attitudes towards money, health, pleasure, sexuality and deservedness.

Life issues: Knowing who you are and that you are enough, Rest, Food, Exercise, Money, Not linking self-worth with what you want or already have, Create boundaries to protect your life force

Colour: Orange

Element: Water

Crystals: Carnelian, Onyx, Tiger's Eye, Peach Quartz, Peach Aventurine

Positive Archetype: Emperor/ Empress: Finds and seeks out enjoyment and pleasurable experiences, Finds abundance in the smallest of things

Negative Archetype: Martyr: Deprives themselves of physical pleasures, Possess feelings of guilt which they project onto others.

Overactive: Overemotional, very quick to attach and invest in others, attracted to drama, moody, lacking personal boundaries

Underactive: Stiff, unemotional, closed off to others, lacking self-esteem or self-worth, possibly in an abusive relationship

3rd Chakra: SOLAR PLEXUS/ Manipura

Relates to our self-value, confidence and esteem. Gives us the freedom of choice, confirms and promotes our identity (reflecting how we see ourselves), exercises our innate powers (gut instincts) and linked to our personality and ego.

Location: Below sternum and over stomach.

Glandular System: Pancreas

Body Parts: Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Small Intestines, Gall Bladder, Muscles

Physical problems: Indigestion, Reflux, Ulcers, Hepatitis, Gall Stones, Pancreatitis, Diabetes

Emotional Energy: Revolves around power, direct relationship with our inner strength and self-worthiness. Being able to make a stand, actions with confidence, freedom of choice.

Mental Energy: Thoughts about our power - whether inflated or deflated by the way we view ourselves against others. Determines whether we are confident in situations, our self value and ability to make choices.

Life issues: Poor self worth, lack of ego. Does not know their own worthiness. Give too much to others at times leaving themselves "empty", Easily manipulated.

Colour: Yellow

Element: Fire

Crystals: Yellow topaz, Citrine, Yellow Amber, Golden rutilated Quartz

Positive Archetype: Warrior: Empowered with high sense of self. Possess inner strength and resilience to bring about what they want. Fights the good fight. Has stamina to see things through. Knows who they are.

Negative Archetype: Servant: Lives by what others perceive them to be with their identity anchored in the external world. Give power to others to define who they are and who they should be. Loose high amounts of energy living up to the expectations or the pleasing of others.

Overactive: Domineering, aggressive, angry, perfectionistic or overly critical of oneself or others

UnderactivePassive, indecisive, timid, lacking self-control

4th Chakra: HEART/ Anahata

Is our life-force and centre of energy. Moves love through our lives, shields us from emotional pains. Known as the seat of divinity. 

Location: Middle of chest

Body Parts: Heart, Lungs, Pericardium, Circulation 

Glandular system: Thymus

Physical problems: Heart and circulatory conditions such as atherosclerosis, MI, Afib, Angina, Stenosis. Breathing issues, such as bronchitis, asthma, TB. 

Emotional Energy: Experiencing and expressing love. The feelings of joy once we accept and give love - to ourselves and others.

Mental Energy: Is the attitude we have to our ideas of love, whether it be giving or receiving

Life issues: Building the connections required for love and friendship, accepting love, loving oneself

Colour: Green or pink

Element: Air

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Peridot, Rhodonite, Malachite, 

Positive Archetype: Lover: One who loves unconditionally, Healer, Generates goodness within them selves and others, embracing and kind.

Negative Archetype: Actor/Actress: One whose love is conditional, possesses expectations and has a framework by which they give love. Imitates what love is.

Overactive: Loving in a clingy, suffocating way; lacking a sense of self in a relationship; willing to say yes to everything; lacking boundaries, letting everyone in

Underactive: Cold, distant, lonely, unable or unwilling to open up to others, grudgeful

5th Chakra: THROAT/ Vishuddha

The expressions of truth, our communicative efforts, out integrity, will and creativity. Expressing who we are.

Location: Internal and External Throat

Body Parts:Throat, Mouth , ears, Jaw, Teeth

Glandular system: Thyroid (Metabolism)

Physical problems: Issues with throat, neck, gums, larynx, oral cavity. Thyroidism, gingivitis, tonsillitis.

Emotional Energy: Our expressions to emotion and the way we voice these.

Mental Energy: How the mind controls our communication and the way we express ourselves. 

Life issues: Living creatively, harnessing will, expressing positivity and truth.

Colour: Turquoise/ Blue

Element: Aether/Spirit

Crystals: Turquoise, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Blue Agate

Positive Archetype: Communicator: Lives with a personal integrity, tells the truth - even within themselves. Are able to express words to feelings. Are able to stand up to what they believe in and to say no when needed. Their word is often trusted.

Negative Archetype: Silent Child: Suppresses any expressions either through fear or shame. They hide their feelings as they are not connected to their higher truth. Will often say yes, when meaning no.

Overactive: Overly talkative, unable to listen, highly critical, verbally abusive, condescending

UnderactiveIntroverted, shy, having difficulty speaking the truth, unable to express needs

6th Chakra: BROW/ THIRD EYE/ Ajna

The centre of our innate intelligence, thriving upon wisdom gathered from life experiences including loss and pain. Seeking of meaning, truth and wisdom in order to access higher realms of ourselves and universe. Provides energy for clear, concise thought and inner spiritual contemplations.

Location: Forehead between eyebrows (Bindi spot)

Body Parts: Eyes, Sinuses, Base of skull, Temporal lobe

Glandular system: Pituitary Gland

Physical problems: Cognitive ability, overwork, mental burnout, gums, headaches, migraines, eye problems, stroke

Emotional Energy: Regulates emotional responses. Using experience to regulate emotions in order to react or defend ourselves spiritually.

Mental Energy: Matures with age and experience, develops ability to negotiate through life. Seeing people’s true natures. Using knowledge to try and make optimal choices, flexibility in attitude, love for oneself. Living by grace and wisdom. 

Life issues: Ability to focus intelligence, knowing who you are, working for your highest good. Working your way through life using wisdom and experiences. Choosing to live life with joy and fulfilment.

Colour: Indigo

Element: Cosmos

Crystals: Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite, Iolite

Positive Archetype: Wise person: They have developed through internal and external knowledge. Are willing to share experience for the benefit of others to achieve their highest good and potential. Encourage others when they want to explore spiritual and physical pursuits. Live by universal principles and higher powers to negotiate through the highs and lows of life.

Negative Archetype: Intellectual: Tend to have a fixed point of view, reliant on rational sources and analytical thought process. Ignore holistic or spiritual viewpoints, placing trust in a conventional rhetoric. Can be judgemental of others, with their narrow focus on life. 

Overactive: Out of touch with reality, lacking good judgment, unable to focus, prone to hallucinations

Underactive: Rigid in thinking, closed off to new ideas, too reliant on authority, disconnected or distrustful of inner voice, anxious, clinging to the past and fearful of the future

7th Chakra: CROWN/ Sahasrara

The height of spirituality and attachment to divine sources. Fully opens when we reach psychological maturity and spiritual development.

Location: Top of the skull

Body Parts: Cranium, Upper Skull, Cerebral cortex

Glandular system: Pineal Gland

Physical problems: Issues with learning, perception and spiritual understanding. Epilepsy, alcoholism, nervous disorders, neurosis, insomnia.

Emotional Energy: Bliss and transcendence. Once achieved negates all others, joyful sense of the divine.

Mental Energy: Higher thinking, moving beyond the constraints and seeing the bigger picture. Offering the ability to see all perspectives, full and complete awareness of universal and spiritual dimensions.

Life issues: Understanding interconnectedness of all things in the web of life, Resilience

Colour: Violet/ Clear

Element: Universe/ Aether

Crystals: Amethyst, Alexandrite, Clear Quartz, Labradorite, Sugilite

Positive Archetype: The Guru: Realise who, what, when, where they are in life. Have accepted themselves and allow divine forces to flow freely, featuring as an integral part of their lives, rather than just “visiting” occasionally. Aware of their consciousness, with a willing to travel deeper within themselves. Accept that they are within the universe, rather than just a part of of it.

Negative Archetype: Egotist: “I choose my own path”, “Nothing else but me chooses how I live life”. Basically all actions are conducted by themselves, without belief of something driving them in their choices. Tending to live separately from their true consciousness, believing that only by striving on their own will achievements be made.

Overactive: Addicted to spirituality, heedless of bodily needs, having difficulty controlling emotions

Underactive: Not very open to spirituality, unable to set or maintain goals, lacking direction


The above is just a simple guide to the Chakra and does not take the place of having a medical diagnosis. As with all physical, mental and emotional issues please see your GP or mental health specialist. Holistic and alternative therapies are a means to combat issues alongside a conventional means.