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Burdock Root

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Burdock Root was further elevated to a witch's herb by American conjurers and rootworkers, by adopting it to their magickal workings. A humble, earthly root it has found its way into herbal pantries around the world, it is also known as Bat Root and Beggar’s Buttons. 

It is considered to be a protective in nature, guarding against negative energies so used in warding, cleansing and protecting - the magickal function seems closely related to it's medicinal properties (burdock is a diuretic), reputed to cleanse and purify the blood. Used in charms, either buried or hung by a south facing door is reported to protect homesteads from evil influence, it can also be added to charms and talismans whilst travelling. According to American folklore, this root is used as a counter magick in order to prevent other influences in putting down "roots", such as a curse or hex. Incorporate Burdock root into spells for warding, hex-breaking, and good fortune.

Correspondences with our own planet Earth and probably not surprisingly the element of earth, however due to the medicinal attributes (i.e diuretic) it may also be considered to be related to the element of water. It also has properties relating to feminine energies and Venus, which maybe why it is sometimes used in increasing male potency......................good luck girls!

Some keywords associated with this root are: persistence, warding, cleansing, male potency, counter-magick.

Comes in 25g baggie.