dried bladderwrack


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A great one for sea witches, bladderwrack is said to summon sea spirits to assist in your magick. Cast into the open sea, or if that’s difficult then obtain a bottle of sea water and place into a bowl and cast this into it to call upon them. It is said to bring protection when crossing the sea, so carry when travelling by boat or when you have to cross the sea.

Use in all spells relating to wealth and money, if you own a business then make into an infusion to wash your doors and floors in order to attract custom and raise positive vibrations. A simple spell includes filling a small jar with bladderwrack and topping it up with whisky, ensuring a tight seal. Place this on the windowsill in your kitchen to keep money coming in.

Carry in a sachet to increase psychic powers (and reportedly in some metaphysical books) to protect against mental derangement!

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Day: Monday, Thursday (for wealth)

Deities: Selene, Diana, 

Comes in a re-sealable bag and weighs approximately  25g.