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Bay Leaves (Laurus nobilis)

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In my opinion you can't have too many bay leaves, they perform such a wide range of uses in magick! From writing intentions on them to burn, adding to soups and stews for flavour....and ermm bestowing intentions, adding to sachets and spell bags, I could go on. 

Bay Leaves (or Bay Laurel) is sacred to the God Apollo, therefore decorating your altar with these leaves when working magick with this deity is a fab idea, it is also corresponds with Ceres, Hermes, Cerridwen, Zeus and Fides. Bay laurel is associated with the Sun and the element of fire (hence why burning them with intentions and wishes is a great way to set your magick free), so can be used during Sun festivals or rituals - such as Litha and Lughnasadh. A masculine herb, is ruled by the sign Leo.

This herb can be used for purification before rituals or spell work, it can also assist with cleansing the home of energies that may have snuck in (from a roommate or nosy neighbour!) or sickness/illness vibes by smudging with the leaves. Bay leaves can be added to spells or potions to increase psychic abilities. A good one for banishment and exorcism, plus when mixed with sandalwood can be used for breaking curses.....a nice one for a healing bath!

Need  little luck, then bay is thought to bring this when used in magick and used to guard against misfortune. Use in dream pillows to enhance prophetic dreaming (why not combine with some of my other herbs, such as Mugwort, Lavender or Mullein?).

Come in 10g bags - there’s loads in there, so they will keep you busy with all your intentions!!!