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Aromafume Pure Essential Oils

Aromafume Pure Essential Oils

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Aromafume Naturals offers a collection of pure, natural essential oils highly inspired by nature. Made in India, these therapeutic grade, finest quality natural essential oils lovingly fill each bottle. Upon burning these oils in your home, you will feel instantly transported to lush green mountain forests and valleys of fruit orchards. Use diluted to make your own healing or magickal blends when mixed with a base oil and other uplifting and healing oils.

Tea tree essential oil, 100% natural and undiluted. Tea Tree is traditionally known for its anti-bacteria, anti-fungi and anti-viral effects. It has a purifying effect on the atmosphere.

Orange essential oil, 100% natural and undiluted. Orange has a refreshing scent with an activating effect, enhancing a good mood.

Lemongrass essential oil, 100% natural and undiluted. Lemongrass has a refreshing scent and is known for its stimulating effects.

Frankincense essential oil, 100% natural and undiluted. Frankincense is traditionally used for enhancing concentration and as a support to meditation.

Lavender essential oil, 100% natural and undiluted. Lavender is well known for its rich aroma with relaxing effects.

Rosemary essential oil, 100% natural and undiluted. The aroma of rosemary has a wood-like tone with an invigorating effect on both body and mind. Very helpfull in moments of dullness or fatigue.

These essential oils come packaged in a box and each dark glass bottle holds 10ml of essential oil.