triquetra altar cloth
triple moon altar cloth
pentacle altar cloth
white triple moon altar cloth
white pentacle altar cloth
purple velvet altar cloth
black velvet altar cloth
purple velvet tarot bag
black velvet tarot bag
Altar Cloths & Tarot Bags
Altar Cloths & Tarot Bags
Altar Cloths & Tarot Bags
Altar Cloths & Tarot Bags

Altar Cloths & Tarot Bags

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These fab cloths are ideal for setting your magical workings upon. Could be used as an altar cloth or as a wall hanging to make your space your own. Teamed with the symbolic stitching will surely add power to your space. These could be used for divination purposes such as rune or tarot reading cloths.

There are various options to chose from with slightly different design features, which can be seen in the photos.

Triquetra: Said to represent the Power of Three and also Triple Goddess.

Pentacle: Honouring the five elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit/Aether

Triple Moon & Pentacle: To Goddess in all her forms; Maiden, Mother & Crone, for the Divine Feminine. 

Metatron’s CubeMetatron's Cube is a symbol representing balance in the universe and the journey of energy, making it a popular choice for creating crystal grids.

3 Card Spread: No cheating! This one is for when you’re perhaps reading for someone else, want a witchy vibe or having a dedicated space to lay your cards on. Also useful for wrapping your deck in after you’ve done to prevent any outside energies from seeping in 

Cardinal Directions/ Elements: This one features North, East, South & West with each symbol of the element it corresponds to. Ideal for setting out your tools or equipment on the altar, leaving offerings on each Cardinal Directions or element.

Gold Border with silver symbol: Measurements are approximate; H64cm x W64cm D0.1cm

White border with white symbols: 70cm x 70cm x 1mm

Plush Velvet

Give your space that zing! Having a cloth to read upon puts you in a frame of mind for readings or scrying. It sets out your intention just by laying it down - designing your space for its purpose. These comforting plush velvet cloths are well suited for tarot, crystal ball or altar cloths. Double sided, one plush velvety side and one satin side make a great addition to your workings.  Also available are lined velvet tarot/ rune bags in the same colours.

Velvet Altar Cloths: Measure approximately 60cm x 60cm. (The purple one is a very dark navy/purple)

Tarot Bags: Measure approximately 12cm x 15cm, ideal for smaller tarot cards or runes.