Samhain! Halloween! Not long to go.........

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14 days until October 31st - All Hallows’ Eve aka Halloween or Samhain depending on which path you follow. This day is when the veil is at its thinnest, meaning it is an ideal time for spirit work, tarot, Ouija, divination and scrying. Whether you choose to contact your spirit guides, guardians, ancestors or those who have passed through the veil you should feel a heightened presence during this time. During this time it is a way to honour those who have passed, much like the South American Dias del los Muerta (November 2nd this year) where offerings are left at the gravesides and places set at the table for a feast. Don’t forget your beloved pets! Some choose to leave pet food out by the front door to welcome them home for the night.

Samhain (Sah-win or Sow-in) is an old Celtic celebration, utilised by Wiccans as a Sabbat to mark the end of harvest and the beginning of winter, the darker half of the year. Samhain typically begins on the eve of October 31st and runs into the evening of November 1st. So other than dressing up, what else can you do this Samhain?.....

 Make an altar to honour you loved ones and friends who have passed and light a candle in their honour. Place photos or objects that belonged to them on the altar to bring their presence closer. Celebrate deities associated with death - remember Goddess is in her Crone state, so Morrigan, Hecate, Hel, Freyja and the like feature strongly. Death does not always mean an ending, but a way to remove old ways to start beginning afresh. Decorate with skulls, crystals such as; black obsidian, labradorite and fluorite, leave offerings of bread. Use natural items of the fall such as leaves, acorns, ivy, fir cones and of course the humble pumpkin!

 I know it’s not quite Bonfire Night yet, but lighting a bonfire to cast light into the dark is a great way to fire gaze, especially on this night. Use it to send old patterns into the ether and set new ones. 

 Spell casting, as the veil is thinner may increase potency of your workings. It is a waxing crescent moon this night so a great time for sympathetic Magick for growth, raising self esteem and new beginnings such as career and money spells. This is also a good time for setting out Moon water to charge.

 Meditation and trance work to access your higher self and seek information from past lives and ancestors. Use this time to clear your mind and pay attention to messages coming through. Use crystals to enhance and open your psychic self, such as angelite, amethyst, labradorite. Burn herbal incense to heighten the experience.

Don’t forget to clear and ground yourself after completing your spells, divination etc, as the veil is thin there may be unwanted energies that latch. Some useful crystals for this are black obsidian and black onyx, smudging after with white sage and palo santo. A clearing bath with Himalayan Salt with uplifting essential oils.

I have various items to help with your craft this Samhain, including crystals, smudge sticks, cauldrons, herbs, incense and decorative items including skull jars, Pentacle candle holders,


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