New Moon In Sagittarius

November 26th sees us at another New Moon, this time in Sagittarius. Now is the perfect time to envision you goals, new potential, new opportunities, gain clarity and focus.
Here are some simple and effective ways of of achieving this:
1. Meditative Focus - sit quietly, surround yourself with a circle of candles, you can play relaxing music if you find it easier but try not to let it distract you. Try and breathe deeply into your diaphragm, focus on the breath and breathe out steadily. Once you have done this a few times, you may find yourself more centred and able to envision what it is you want to achieve, your goals for the month. Try not to let your mind wander from from these thoughts, see them in your minds eye as if they have already been achieved. You may feel an energy shift, or may feel ready to come back to reality - when this happens snuff out your candles giving thanks with each one. Ground yourself or have a relaxing bath!
2. New Moon Journal - it can sometimes be handy to write your focus and goals down, it can be as plain or as artistic as you like. It can be a poem, spell(s), a list, drawings - it doesn’t matter, what does matter is it’s yours. Keep your thoughts present and add to it during the waxing Moon stage, this way when the full moon comes you have already set in motion your intentions. Use it to figure out how you can gain what you want, who can help etc. This can then be used in your full moon rituals or Magick.
3. Use you divination or reading skills to ask questions regarding your intentions, they may also guide you to something you may not of thought of.
4. Magick goes some way to helping you achieve your goals, however it does take some effort on your part. Trust intuition, open your eyes and ears to opportunity that may arise during this moon phase. Use your meditation and journal to remind yourself of what you want to achieve, if you want a new job then actively look and apply, look at training prospects. If you are looking for love - you may not find it sat on the sofa! What you put out in the world will come back to you, live with positivity and positive things will happen. I know things can get tough, we all have a story - I too have my own fair share, but it is what you do in the next chapter, remember this part of your story hasn’t been written yet.
You are stronger than you think and you hold the power to change things. I believe in you!

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