Tonight sees a prenumberal eclipse of the full moon, this means that the Earth‘s shadow partially covers the Full Wolf Moon (depending where you are it will either be partially shadowed or appear slightly darker). It is also known as the Cold Moon or Old Moon, this time it features in Cancer, with Saturn and Pluto in opposition.

During this Moon you may find yourself having strong emotions, so either keep a pack of hankies ready or avoid having arguments during this time! The feature of this means a release and refining your path, you may be seeing more clearly or realising a truth you weren’t quite ready to see. So let’s focus on properly cleansing ourselves in readiness for the change we may see in ourselves now that our eyes have been opened to reality. A love of home is also a centre point alongside a need for protection.

Some keywords this this time round include purification (either yourself or within your home), darkness lifted, restoration. These means let’s get back to us (be a bit selfish...find time for yourself and focus), our roots in family and protecting or healing ourselves.

For your spells and rituals try to focus on yourself using words like strength, radiance, health, protect, power.

Ive popped on some images which may help motivate or guide you with this high energy moon!

BB. aaaaaooooooooo! 🌕

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