Full Moon Ahoy!! Hunter’s Moon

So the next full moon is on October 13th, known as the Hunter’s Moon, sanguine or "blood" moon (or for Wiccans the shedding moon or falling leaf moon). So called as early Northern American civilisations hunted during this time in order to make provisions for the winter. As the year wanes, leaves fall and animals prepare for their sleep of winter or fatten themselves up for the harsh, cold, dark months. It is a transition period between a time of plenty to one of rations, so a celebration of thanks for what has been received, what is yet to be received before darkness falls. A day of feasting for some Native American Tribes and in some parts of Western Europe.

A full moon is a time of high energy, as the moon is in her Mother aspect, full and enlightening the world, a time to bring to fruition all your intentions set during the waxing stages. As Samhain draws near, the veil begins to become thinner and with a supercharged full moon is an ideal time for divination, clairvoyancy and contacting spirit guides.

Some ideas for you to celebrate this Hunter's Moon:

Invite friends, family, loved ones around for a delicious hearty meal and enjoy each others company and reminisce on good times. Kitchen within' at its most powerful.

Moon gazing - there is nothing like a clear night under a full moon (sometimes a little difficult here in Wales as it does tend to like to rain....quite a bit!), bask in the calming light and absorb her energy.

Meditate - use the energy to meditate and find your guides. Ask for assistance for the next few months and try to make plans for the coming darker months in regards to what needs to be drawn to a close, what cords need to be cut, what patterns need to change.

Recharge them crystals! Use the soft enveloping light to give your crystals a boost. It can also cleanse at the same time. All gemstones and crystals on this site have been sourced for authenticity, so none of the "fake" stuff you can find on some sites

Affirmations and intentions- intentions set during the waxing moon phases should be placed into fruition. Burn intentions, light candles, set them free! Spell casting is most powerful at this time. Give thanks to what has already come to fruition and set in motion further aspects. The spell candles I sell burn down in about an hour or so, so meaning that any intentions or spells will not take hours to cast.

Altars- crystals for a full moon include amethyst, selenite, moonstone (if course!), clear quartz, labradorite and opal. Light a candle for goddess ( I just so happen to stock selenite candle holders which are perfect for this), give thanks. For those who purely follow witchcraft then you may not follow deities, but this is a great time to work on your magick and craft surrounded by the things that mean something to you, whether you are a hedge witch, storm witch......this is your space, make it your own.

I stock lots of various items which may prove useful during this time, why not check out my altar decorations such as cauldrons, spell candles and gemstones?. Incense is ethically sourced, so the people who make it have been treated and paid fairly. 

Have a great time, whatever it is you choose to do this full moon!

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