Frost Moon on its way!

November 12th sees us at another full moon; the Beaver Moon, also known as the Frost Moon or Mourning Moon.

The full moon represents the triple Goddess in her mother aspect; both nurturing and caring. This is a good time to conduct magick from ideas or intentions thought up during the waxing phases. It is an ideal time to focus on desires, emotions, worries and dreams, with the energy of the full moon thought to amplify magick and intentions.
Use this time for ritual cleansing, to rid yourself of energies that don't belong to you, why not make a bath with essential oils, Himalayan salt and some white candles for purification.
Charge those crystals! The full moon is especially good for those who ordinarily fade in sunlight
Consecrate your tools and BOS by the full moon.
Make moon water, you can use water from a natural source for spell work (not advised if using as a drinking potion though- you can use bottled spring water for this), place a bottle or jar filled with this water and leave it in the light of the moon. Don't forget to bring it in before sunrise!

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