A Penny For Luck...

A penny for luck...
For some who have received orders from me may know that in each parcel there is a little something, including a penny for luck. This has been blessed by me to bring something good into your life, but thought I’d share a little on why I do it. Pennies have various superstitions and magickal connotations - ever recited the rhyme “see a penny, pick it up all day you’ll have good luck...? This phrase may have stemmed from times where metal was deemed to be a gift from deities or gods and therefore considered lucky, to pass one by would be to forfeit any luck or wealth. The superstition may also stem from times when metals were believed to offer protection from evil and harmful spirits to those who possessed them. The rhyme itself may have evolved from a pagan ritual regarding pins instead of pennies, being that both are made from metal linking the idea.

In Irish folklore there is what is known as “luck money” or penny for luck, playing a vital part in Irish lore, so traditionally a seller immediately gives back the buyer a "gift" of a sum of money for "Good Luck". This is an important ritual because failure to give back a Luck Penny could bring ill fortune to them both.

The coin occupies an important place in the Witch’s toolkit, as an emblem of prosperity and the element of Earth. The coin combines a natural resource (metal) with human inventiveness and intellect (the concept of currency) to create something we all know and love: Money. Of a course a money spell wouldn’t be complete without some sort of money as intent or offering. Coins are sometimes used as offerings to spirits and gods. This probably comes from early funeral customs, when coins were placed with the body to pay for the dead person’s journey or ensure he was well-funded in the afterlife. The ancients also placed coins in springs, streams, and lakes as offerings to nature spirits—a practice that has morphed into the modern-day practice of tossing coins into fountains.

Keeping a jar or pennies in your kitchen is said to keep money coming to your house and home - maybe reserve a jar for all your found pennies just for this! Simple Magick!

Penny for luck spell (an old traditional spell)

Take a penny out of your pocket.
Hold it in your hand, getting used to the feel of the penny.
Hold it near your heart.
Hold it near your third eye.
Kiss the hand you hold it with, and say - ''Penny for Luck!''
Throw the penny into the grass, on a fence or on a tree, for the fairies to come and take it away.

A quick note to say keep your eye out on site the end of this week, I have joined the Black (Magick!) Friday bandwagon and sorted some reductions for gifts and have new herbs incoming!

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