Let’s talk oils……

Essential oils, I love them, so much in fact I completed a diploma in aromatherapy about 3 years ago and try to utilise these whiffy wonders in my practice as much as possible! There’s nothing (as far as I’m concerned anyway) that stimulates memories better than your sense of smell. Like catching a whiff of that perfume your gran used to wear, the scent of freshly cut grass reminding you spring has actually arrived and those heady days of summer when you were a kid playing as a kid - no cares, just love and joy, or just the comfort of home baking smells to remind you of baking with your mum. It sets all those neurons off, firing in the corners of your brain where memories exist, but you thought were forgotten. 

I have spent hours reading around the subject, delving between traditional aromatherapy books, witchcraft books and historical references. I have around three (plus one on the go!) books of my own scribbles filled with aromatherapy uses crossed referenced with witchy uses, blends I have made and yet to create. Some of which you can find on the website by way of my natural herbal balms and some of my newly released master ritual blends. I have chosen to incorporate both the alternative/holistic with my witchy ways so anyone can use them. Whether for healing purposes or to give a little oomph to Magick..or both!

Thats one of the reasons I sell so many types of the oils and the collection will continue to grow. A spot of alchemical potching, combining these powerful little drops of delight for